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Display The Diamond On Your Homepage Or Email


Transloading Or Uploading It To Your Webpage Files!

Place your cursor on the diamond above to retrieve its address. Then transload or upload it to your webpage files.

When you display the diamond on your webpage or email, you can make it click to this page. To do this, your code will look something like this:

<<>A HREF= ""><>
<<>IMG SRC= "http://your_web_file_name_for_diamond.gif"><><<>/A><>

Embrace-A-Diamond Is Built Through Tripod
Tripod's Remote Loading Policy
The Insider - Vol 7, No. 1, 01/04/2001

"Tripod will remove accounts that are created for remote-loading purposes, which is the storing of images and sounds for use on other pages."

What is remote loading? It would be your using the exact address for the diamond above to place on your webpage or email.

What is not remote loading? WebTvrs change the graphic's address by transloading it to their webpage files. Computers upload it to their webpage files.

What if you do not have a webpage and want to show your support? You can copy and paste this code in your email:

<<>A HREF= ""><>
Click To Embrace-A-Diamond<<>/A><>

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Yahalom means resilient like a diamond.

Symbolic Purpose Of The Diamond

Survivors and their supporters are precious like diamonds. Their circumstances provides the opportunity for them to become resilient and shining like a diamond, as their testimonials become an educational center for their families, friends, coworkers and other living souls on the earth.


We hope you will share the diamond's meaning with others!

And we thank the thousands who have shown their support!

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